Techline 1 Pack Epoxy Paint

£94.25£134.25 per 20 litres

An epoxy ester resin based product specifically formulated in a single pack for ease of application, as it can be applied through most types of spray equipment. Techline One Pack Epoxy Paint is a hard wearing product that is available in various colours and can be applied to a range of surfaces.


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White, Yellow, Black, Red, Green, Blue


  • Fast drying
  • Single pack for ease of application
  • Characterised by hard wearing performance
  • Packaged in 20 litre containers
  • Superior durability over chlorinated rubber systems
  • Market Leading Line Marking Solution


Techline One Pack Epoxy Product Datasheet

Techline One Pack Epoxy Safety Datasheet

Techline One Pack Epoxy (Lead) Safety Datasheet